Friday, July 12, 2013

Sweet Beginnings

Hello everyone! We are just starting our creations so please bare with us. We are making everything by hand with forks and spoons! We are called a tiny touch because we put small forks and spoons on every single piece of jewelry we sell. We love small things inside of big things. Amy has pictures of her bathroom inside of her bathroom if that gives you any insight on how we are. Every piece we sell has "TOUCH" Stamped very small on the inside of the spoon or fork. With a purchase 15% of the proceeds will go to an animal rescue. Amy and Ben love animals to death so they love to be able to create things and make money for animals.

More to come! Email us if you are interested!!

This piece is our more simple piece we sell. Its called the GO FORK YOURSELF necklace. There is a tiny fork charm on top of the big fork. and the necklace is also handmade with a fork or spoon hanging down the back.

Amy is wearing the FORK IT bracelet. two toned : silver gold piece. This is one of our favorite pieces. 

Keep checking back! 

All of our jewelry is made with 100% love and vintage antique forks and spoons !!

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